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100% Wildcrafted Tamanu Oil

Hedd Wyn Essentials

100% Wildcrafted Tamanu Oil


30 ml

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Clear Up Skin Problems
All Skin Types
Healing And Soothing

Tamanu oil has been used for centuries in the South Pacific Islands and South East Asia as a beauty aid and to clear up skin problems. Healthy new skin growth is accelerated by the natural ingredients in Tamanu oil.

Our wildcrafted Tamanu oil is conveniently packaged in 30ml (1 oz.) and 50ml (1.66 oz.) brown glass dropper bottles.

Each bottle of our New Radiance Tamanu oil is energized using a patented technology which raises the frequency and increases the life force energy and healing properties of the oil.

Our satisfaction or money back guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, just return your bottle of Wild Oil of Oregano to us within 90 days. Please tell us why you are not satisfied and we will refund the full purchase price, less shipping, to you.

Hedd Wyn Essentials is committed to providing you with the most useful wildcrafted and organic botanicals on the planet. We hope you enjoy our New Radiance Tamanu oil.

Hedd Wyn Essentials Tamanu oil comes from Tamanu fruit gathered in the wild. The fruit is harvested once it has fallen from the trees. No damage is done to the environment during the process of collecting the fruit or pressing the kernel to make oil. Local people are employed to do the work, thus enhancing local economies. Pure, wildcrafted Tamanu oil is the only ingredient in our product.

Application: Apply New Radiance Tamanu oil straight to the skin. For more rapid results you may use multiple times daily. Use after bathing to moisturize and protect your skin.