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Lumbrokinase Enzymes

Dr. Mercola

Lumbrokinase Enzymes


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Did you know that of the tens of thousands of different enzymes in your body, 99.99% of them have nothing to do with digestion? Enzymes known as proteolytic or fibrinolytic enzymes are designed to break down proteins, but not just the proteins in your food.

When you take enzymes with food, they stay in your intestinal tract to digest food. However, when you take proteolytic enzymes between meals or when food isn’t in your stomach, they help clean up your blood and make their way to your tissues and organs to help get rid of unwanted proteins.

So, why is it important to help your body remove unwanted proteins? Proteins that don’t serve you can prevent you from enjoying:

  • Optimal heart health and blood flow throughout your body.
  • Maximum comfort during activity and when resting.
  • Feeling energetic and ‘recharged’ every day, even with plenty of rest.
  • A healthy nutritional profile without mineral deficiencies.

Sourced from the Eisenia foetida and Eisenia japonica earthworms, Lumbrokinase Enzymes are a blend of fibrinolytic enzymes that assist your body in clearing away fibrin and other unwanted proteins.*

Delivered in a delayed release capsule to ensure its contents reach your intestines for proper absorption, Lumbrokinase Enzymes provides a full 40 mg of lumbrokinase enzymes per serving and 4 mg of Protease for extra protein-digesting power and to enhance lumbrokinase’s actions.

Take action now for a healthy heart, brain, muscles and more,* and order Lumbrokinase Enzymes today