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Grass Fed Beef Liver

Dr. Mercola

Grass Fed Beef Liver


180 Tablets/3000 mg


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Beef liver contains the highest concentrations of vitamins and minerals of any source of animal-based nutrition, yet most people prefer to buy the less nutrient-dense, plastic-wrapped beef muscle meats, like steaks and hamburgers.

Not only do you receive an impressive lineup of nutrients when you consume liver or other organ meats along with muscle meat, you also help achieve the proper balance of amino acids for your optimal health.

Supplying 3,000 mg of freeze-dried liver per six-capsule serving, our Grass Fed Beef Liver is:

  • Sourced from healthy New Zealand grass-fed, free-roaming cows with year-round access to green pastures.
  • Minimally processed, not defatted, and 100% freeze dried to safeguard biological activity.
  • Traceable back to the farm source and processing plant, so you know exactly what you are getting.
  • Tested for heavy metals.
  • Packed in convenient tightly sealed, plant derived HPMC capsules so you get all the goodness of beef liver without having to eat it.

Whether you want to help balance your healthy diet of lean muscle meats or provide your body with the many nutrients found in beef liver, Grass Fed Beef Liver provides a simple way to do it. Help complement your diet, and order your supply today.